\ Visualizing Evolution: Tiktaalik (Your Inner Fish)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tiktaalik (Your Inner Fish)

The star of the 2008 Penn Reading Project and everyone's favorite tetrapod, Tiktaalik now has his own music video!

Music by the Indoorfins

Penn Reading Project
And here's a video interview with Tyler Keillor, the artist and fossil preparator who made the Tiktaalik model, which won the 2008 Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize for three-dimensional art.


Sherrie Y said...

Can't. Stop. Humming. Inner. Fish.

In thanks (or perhaps revenge), I have tagged you with the "Brillante Weblog" Award. :-) http://brushandbaren.blogspot.com/2008/12/overdue-thanks-and-kudos.html

Take that. :-)

Heidi Richter said...


: D

Thanks for that. I'm glad someone thinks my blog is brillante. ; )

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