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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ultimate Ungulate

I just found the coolest website ever! UltimateUngulate.com!
In addition to being really well designed (every time you refresh you get a new unglate photo in that main circle,) it also has a nice interactive cladogram, in which you can zoom in on say, the Bovids, and then the famliy Hippotraginae...
And look at some oryx pictures, why not!
There's also plenty of information on ecology, behavior, distribution, etc. Check it out if you're a fan of hoofed mammals!


turtlewoman said...

Heidi - I just found my way to your blog via Sherrie York's blog, "Brush and Barren". What a terrific blog for learning very interesting facts about science and for sharing with kids. I am a
4th grade teacher and am always trying to find ways to make science more interesting for my students.

Lindy in AZ

Heidi Richter said...

Thanks Lindy-turtlewoman! : )

Though I don't really write the blog for kids, I do like to provide as much info for people in the education field as I can. I think I have teaching envy... as an illustrator I know what I'm doing will eventually get to the kids (young ones and college kids, hehe), and I try to always keep them in mind, but I miss doing science outreach for elementary students.

So as a teacher, what kind of resources do you find work the best, especially with regards to evolution? Where do you think teaching resources are lacking?

Is evolution even something you cover with 4th graders? If you do, go back in my archives and read the entry about M&Ms. : ) And please feel free to print out that Homology coloring sheet.

Thanks for reading!