\ Visualizing Evolution: "Creationism Disproved?"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Creationism Disproved?"

The National Center for Science Education has released another video, this time on the evolution of the eye. I really hope they make more of these. A short, accessible video that is thorough without being overly complex--perfect to send to that non-science educated person who has been told that the eye is an example of "irreducible complexity" and thus disproves evolution.
Intelligent design proponents say the eye is too complex to have evolved. The scientists in this video say, "Look at the evidence."

The video uses some nice illustrations, but it's too bad someone couldn't throw together a Flash animation of the process they're talking about. (No, I'm not volunteering ... well, maybe if they asked nicely...)

Other video critiques by the NSCE of intelligent design can be found here.

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Dave Mazierski said...

Great production values, excellent story telling... and some of the crudest Illustrator drawings of the eye ever! Yikes...