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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

German cladogram illustration

I had to share this beautiful example of an illustrated cladogram:
(click for big)
Unfortunately, I have no idea where it came from or who drew it. The blog I found it on said it was from "some German website." And they wonder why we illustrators and artists are so afraid of the Orphan Works Act?

Anyway, the meaning of the illustration is pretty clear even if the viewer doesn't know German--which is a sign of a good drawing and also for the usefulness of illustrations as a whole. The monochromatic color scheme and the sharp, clean lines of the drawing are unique from what cladograms of this kind usually look like. There's a lot of information packed in, but it's not visually overwhelming or 'busy.'

If anyone knows where this piece comes from, please let me know.

Update! The poster comes from a German science publishing house in Stuttgart called Schweizerbart and is available for purchase. Might have to buy one if they ship internationally. Thanks to Chucker for helping me track them down.

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