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Monday, August 18, 2008

Linkfest: All Hail The Great Asteroid!

Yes, it's been quiet around here for awhile. But the week of demotivation is finally over. So, to kick-start the new week, here are some links I've been saving up!

Cartophilia: A neat visual blog about maps.

Art in the Science of Medicine
: An article on teaching visual literacy. "The research, headed by Dr Joel Katz from the HMS Medicine Education Office, revealed that undergraduate medical students taking a class in fine art had a 38% improvement in their ability to make accurate clinical observations."

Big-Brained Animals Evolve Faster
: From Science Daily

Wolf is to Thylacine as Crayfish is to What?
The answer is Palæmon, a type of freshwater prawns. Convergent evolution rocks.

Artist gives 'life' to remains of prehistoric animals: Keny Marshall has a really cool job putting together dinosaur skeletons for exhibits.

Illustrating the Unknown: An art exhibit by Adrian Hatfield. I wish I had this man's color sense.
“What I really have tried to focus on was the visual language science uses to convey information ... And also how creative decisions and aesthetics fill in so many of the gaps that we don’t know … But for example, if a scientific illustrator is doing an illustration of a dinosaur, he has a very limited amount of knowledge. So everything else—their color, whether they had head feathers are if they didn’t have feathers—a lot of the aspects of it are just made up by the artist.” - Adrian Hatfield
And finally, from ShortMinds Webcomic:

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