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Monday, August 4, 2008

XVIVO lawsuit update

Finally, an update on the XVIVO plagiarism case against the makers of the 'documentary' Expelled from back in April. It seems they've reached an agreement in which "Premise Media documentary does not infringe on any of XVIVO's intellectual property rights."

I'm not sure why XVIVO decided to not pursue it further. From what I saw it seemed they had a rock-solid case of plagiarism on their hands. However, I have not seen the "Expelled" video in its entirety, and I also have no legal knowledge beyond what I've learned from Judge Judy, so instead of getting all nasty about it, I'm going to hold my opinion for now.

Just do me a favor and read this next part while I sarcastically play this sad violin:
'John Sullivan, Executive Producer of EXPELLED, said, "EXPELLED is an important movie with an important message. Even before the movie was released, various parties were trying to silence us. They will continue to be unsuccessful. This walk away agreement is another indication that we have done nothing wrong. Our message will carry on both in theaters throughout the summer and with our DVD roll out this October."'
Ugh, these people lie and steal and still have such a persecution complex. It's become so ridiculous that it's not even amusing anymore. It just makes me sick.

You can see the original XVIVO animation here, on their animation page.

Related, here's another very nice animation by Hybrid Medical Animation. Beautiful stuff, but a bit too much of the wave/ripple filter. Made me a bit seasick. Though I still may be reeling from that article on the lawsuit.


Kumah said...

That short hybrid medical video was pretty amazing. The music made it even more incredible. It's truly awesome to think about all that stuff going on inside of us right now.

Of course, I know absolutely nothing about medical stuff... maybe I should hope some of that isn't happening? I don't know.

Heidi Richter said...


You're the best. : )