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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AMI Meeting: Day 1

Well I'm here: Indianapolis.
What a good looking town! Streets are a bit narrow, though. Got a bit lost, and also forgot about the time change until the last minute (Thanks, Janet), so I missed registration by 8 minutes. Luckily they didn't check name-tags for access to the buffet food, and I munched on some goodies while checking out the salon entries:
I haven't had the chance to see them all, but I intend to go through them specifically for pieces demonstrating evolutionary ideas (of course). I did find two animations focusing on paleo and evolution, though. The media room has entries in the interactive categories which include a Flash dinosaur diorama by fellow U of T student Yona Gellert, as well as Julian's animation on Microevolution. The awards banquet for the salon is tomorrow night.

Then I met up with my friend Crista, who graduated from the Toronto program in '06:
Getting up bright and early to do registration and go to a talk on diagnostic scanner datasets. There's a short talk on Saturday called "A Conversation with Charles Darwin" which may have relevance to this blog!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah indianapolis ROCKS!