\ Visualizing Evolution: 'Massospondylus' by Andrew Swift

Monday, July 21, 2008

'Massospondylus' by Andrew Swift

Last year as part of my graduate program I went to the student exchange at the Johns Hopkins program in Baltimore. There I presented my master's project on the ontogeny and locomotion of the dinosaur Massospondylus (look for it in the sidebar). Later, at another talk, I noticed Andrew Swift (from the Medical College of Georgia's Dept. of Medical Illustration) doing a lovely sketch of my second favorite dino:
Either I forgot to email him about it, or he sent it and it got lost in my junk box, because I never got it and then I kind of forgot all about it. But when I saw him at AMI last week I remembered and asked him to send it to me again, not realizing he had completed a full color version:Click for big. Isn't that awesome? My favorite part about Andrew Swift's work is the amazing textures he's able to pull out of Photoshop. So thanks, Andrew... Also, how in the heck did you get that amazing skin texture? Is that a filter? I must know.

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