\ Visualizing Evolution: Books!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


They came!
I've checked out Paleoimagery many times before, and now I own my own copy. Very thorough book on the topic, but the reproductions are low-quality and in black and white only. But look! A History of Paleontology Illustration has colored panels in the center!Drool-worthy, isn't it? I will share more about these books in the future, but the rest of this week I will be in Indianapolis, IN for the Association of Medical Illustrators conference. I'll try to do nightly reports from there. Except for Friday night, as I'll likely be unwinding at the bar with my old classmate after our excruciating 5-hour-long certification exam. Wish me luck!

Also, next week I'm going to be doing a post about evolution books for kids. I've found three really good ones, but if anyone out there knows of others, please let me know!

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