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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Good news for those of you who had trouble viewing Julian's animation on Microevolution--it is now being hosted on the U of T Biomedical Communications' site. He updated the original post with the new link, but since not everyone's going to be hanging out in my archives, I figured I'd let you all know with a new post. Unless you are hanging out in my archives... why would you do that?

Also, if you like beetles, and who the hell doesn't, here is an amazing collection of beetle photographs by Poul Beckmann called Living Jewels. I wish I knew how he got them all so perfect; they don't even have pins through them! (Found the site through Bug Girl's Blog a while back).

And finally, since three is a nice round number, here's an older article from NewScientist on Six 'uniquely' human traits now found in animals. They are: culture, mind reading (deception), tool use, morality, emotions, and personality.


Harrison said...

I wonder what a living beetle would think as it walked through a beetle collection. I always think "how life-like".
Would a beetle know that it was surrounded by dead beetles? Or would it just wonder why the other beetles aren't moving?

Heidi Richter said...

Isn't there a Farside like that?

I think since a beetle's reaction to another beetle is based on scent, it would ignore the dead beetles around it and not give them a second thought. And it would depend on the species. A ladybug beetle would wander on its way while a dermestid would think "Oooh boy! LUNCH!" and there goes your insect collection.

Also, where do you get these ideas? o.O